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Canadians swapping out the snow for sand

Image by David Mark

Canadians are gearing up for their March Break getaways, but where do they plan to go? According to trends data provider SEMrush, Canadians are looking to swap out the snow for sand, and their double doubles for mojitos.

With warm weather destinations making up 69% of all destination searches from November to December 2019 (the beginning of booking season for most, during the first signs of winter), there’s no question Canadians want to get out of the cold.

Taking the top spot is none other than Cuba, overwhelmingly preferred to the next most searched-for destination by 103%. Whether it’s for a taste of the delicious cuisine (Cubanos, anyone?) or a desire to see the country’s stunning white beaches, Canadians can’t leave Cuba alone. Knocking other destinations out of the park, Cuba’s average monthly searches were 3 times higher than the runner-up, Hawaii. We’ve rounded up the top-five March Break destinations:

Top-searched Destinations (November-December 2019):

  1. Cuba
  2. Hawaii
  3. Mexico
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Maldives

Despite a recent uptick in wellness, it turns out we still want nothing more than a beach and an open bar. From November to December, searches for all-inclusive vacations dominated, with average monthly searches 1,833 times higher than those for wellness.


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