Anna Kottova

1. What or who inspired you to model?
I’ve been always very tall and lean so people always asked if I am a model. When I moved to Toronto from Europe, I decided to give it a shot as it was something I was always curious about. To be more specific, the deciding moment was during a wedding expo in Toronto. There was a fashion show as part of the expo and I remember thinking: ‘Wow, how amazing would that be to walk down the runway in such beautiful dresses’. I contacted an agency in Toronto and was hooked ever since my first fashion show. Wedding fashion shows are still my favourite and it always brings me back to the show that triggered it all several years ago!

2. If you had the chance to meet your favourite supermodel, who would that be?
Of course a few names pop in my mind such as Petra Nemcova or Coco Rocha. However, over the years, I have met so many talented and beautiful models that you connect to more on a personal level as you get to know them and can bond over similar experiences.

3. Do you remember your first gig, if so what was it?
I started modeling in Toronto so there was a lot of testing to build my portfolio. I believe my first paid job was a fashion show on a large boat.

4. As a model do you prefer editorial work or runway?
I enjoy all aspects of modeling but runway is definitely my favorite. Even though fashion shows often take the whole day and require a lot of waiting around, I love the progressively increasing energy backstage! Also, it is hard to describe the feeling of getting out on the runway but it is incredible! It’s a mixture of thrill and excitement while staying collected. Definitely addictive!

5. If you could pick one designer to model for, who would it be and why?(runway or editorial)
I always enjoyed the work of Toronto’s designer, Lucian Matis. I think his designs are very elegant and feminine. Over the last few years, I had the pleasure to meet many incredible designers (both established and emerging) here on the west coast and overseas and it has always been a very positive experience. Working with people with various styles gives you the opportunity to portray different roles/moods/feelings and grow as a model.

6.What is your favourite part of Vancouver Fashion Week? If you haven’t taken part before, what are you looking forward to most?
I am looking forward to meeting and working with local and International talent! It is always fun to be in an environment where people share their passion and connect through working towards a mutual goal – a successful show! It is great to see it all come together after many months of planning!