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INDOCHINO (NEW) Ready-to-Wear Line Captures the Art of Convenience

INDOCHINO introduces its first ready-to-wear suit collection, offering convenience with on-site tailoring adjustments. The line features premium fabrics with the quality INDOCHINO has come to be known for.

Indochino - Ready to Wear April 2024 (CNW Group/Indochino Apparel Inc.)

INDOCHINO, the global leader in custom made-to-measure apparel, unveiled today its first ever ready-to-wear capsule collection. This line includes blazers starting from $349 USD and pants at $150 USD. The new ready-to-wear line delivers customers the convenience of an off-the-rack suit with the benefits of minor tailoring adjustments performed on-site at INDOCHINO.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our award-winning experience both in our showrooms and online, and this new collection will do so by pairing unmatched convenience with the unique INDOCHINO showroom experience our customers know and love,” said Drew Green, President, and CEO of INDOCHINO. “Our new ready-to-wear line delivers convenience, premium fabrics, and style that the brand has long been known for, in a way that serves the customer that “needs it now”. In the months and years to come, we will look to provide other ready-to-wear apparel and significantly expand the accessories selection we have to pair with our industry leading made to measure experience.”

Key Features of INDOCHINO’s Ready-to-Wear Line:

  • Premium Suits, Ready to Go: The collection features a finely curated selection of beautifully crafted suits.
  • On-Site Alterations: Customers can have minor adjustments made by INDOCHINO’s expert on-site tailors.
  • INDOCHINO Quality: These ready-to-wear suits are crafted from our most popular premium fabrics with the renowned high standards the brand has come to be known for.

INDOCHINO’s ready-to-wear line is now available in all INDOCHINO showrooms. To learn more and find a showroom near you, visit www.indochino.com/showrooms


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