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Why The MIFA Founders Love Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus, a revered holistic powerhouse, stands out as a key ingredient in the body care range of MIFA. This Vancouver-based, 100% natural minimalist body care line empowers intentional rituals for every body, mind, and skin, providing a sensory spa-at-home experience through aromatherapy.

Eucalyptus takes the spotlight in MIFA’s newly relaunched hero product, the Eucalyptus Body + Hand Wash. This beloved, all-natural revitalizing wash brings the invigorating essence and purifying feeling of the spa to your home. With an intoxicating blend of eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, and peppermint, it creates a luxurious lather that not only cleanses and moisturizes but also relaxes with its aromatherapeutic benefits.

MIFA founders, Michelle Lui and Fatemah Hamidi are passionate about sharing their love for eucalyptus. “The Eucalyptus Body + Hand Wash was inspired by my trip to Bali where eucalyptus was infused into the showers,” says Hamidi. “It was then I realized you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind. I learned the importance of aromatherapy and de-stressing and it inspired me to bring that same purifying feeling home. The wash allows you to incorporate the magic of eucalyptus into your daily routine.”

The founders share their top five reasons for loving eucalyptus below:

  • Refreshing & Rejuvenating: With its refreshing and uplifting scent, eucalyptus awakens the senses and rejuvenates the mind, making it perfect for the morning routine.
  • Stress Relief: Eucalyptus helps reduce stress and anxiety, offering a calming effect that transports you to a tranquil oasis.
  • Nature’s Respiratory Healer: Eucalyptus oil is renowned for clearing airways, making it a go-to remedy for congestion and respiratory issues. Inhaling its invigorating aroma can provide instant relief.
  • Soothing & Cooling: Known for its cooling properties, eucalyptus oil is ideal for soothing irritated skin or

muscles, providing relief and comfort.Natural Antibacterial: Eucalyptus boasts natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, keeping the skin clean and healthy while offering a natural defense against environmental pollutants.

The new Eucalyptus Body + Hand Wash now features elevated, 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging with a premium pump. These modifications align with MIFA’s mission of integrating sustainability into both present and future products. The design aesthetic reflects MIFA’s minimalist, multi-use approach to body care and looks beautiful on any vanity or in the shower.


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