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Erno Laszlo Unveils New Science-Backed Phelityl™ Reviving Cream & Phelityl™ Reviving Essence At Holt Renfrew


Erno Laszlo, the science-backed luxury legacy skin brand with a 97-year legacy, announces today the expansion of its Phelityl™ Reviving Essence and Phelityl™ Reviving Cream into Holt Renfrew. Starting June 15th, 2024 Canada’s top fashion and lifestyle retailer will be selling Erno Laszlo’s the Phelityl™ Reviving Essence and the Phelityl™  Reviving Cream at six Holt Renfrew stores and on holtrenfrew.com.

  • The Phelityl™ Reviving Cream: A velvety all-day cream that fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier, infusing the skin with rapid hydration and nourishment for a visibly moisturized, softened, and healthy-looking complexion from morning to night. The effects of the Phelityl™ Reviving Cream are particularly impressive, demonstrating statistically significant improvements to the skin barrier through a decrease in TEWL, in addition to increased hydration, and maintenance of a physiologic acidic skin pH, as confirmed by the medical findings of Dr. Adam J. Friedman. In a clinical study after just one use*1, skin barrier measurably improved, hydration increased by up to 91%2, and there was a 31% decrease in skin sebum.
    • Phelityl™ Complex: A Biobotanical Blend featuring sustainable biopolymers of Acacia Gum, Plant-Based Polyglycerides, and Rosehip Oil alongside Ceramides and Squalane to fortify skin’s moisture barrier and hydration levels.
    • Red Algae: Creates a film on the skin to help maintain moisture levels from morning to night. 
    • Yellow Wood Tree Extract: Rich in protoberines and oleanolic acid to provide a mattifying effect.
  • The Phelityl™ Reviving Essence: A hydrating water-based essence with nourishing actives that support the moisture barrier by replenishing the skin’s hydration levels, prepping it for the next steps in ritual care. For this formulation, the Phelityl™ Complex features a Biobotanical Blend, Ceramides, and Purslane in addition to Glycerin. The resulting Phelityl™ Reviving Essence is statistically proven to enhance skin barrier and improve oil control for all-day hydration. In a clinical study after just one use3, skin barrier measurably improved, skin hydration increased by 44%, and skin maintained a healthy pH balance.
    • Phelityl™ Complex: A Biobotanical Blend featuring sustainable biopolymers of Acacia Gum and Betaine for barrier support and intense hydration alongside Ceramides, known to help skin appear firm and supple, and Purslane, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Glycerin: Proven humectant known for its hydrating properties.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Phelityl™ Reviving Cream and Phelityl™ Reviving Essence to our Canadian customers at Holt Renfrew as we continue to expand our presence in the Canadian market,” said Patricia Schuffenhauer, Global Head of Production at Erno Laszlo. “These products embody our commitment to innovative skincare, providing deep hydration and rejuvenation. We believe that with our boosted signature Phelityl™ Complex with Essential Fatty Acids, our customers will experience optimal skin barrier support and health.”

While the science of skin barrier has been studied for decades, the importance of strengthening the skin barrier is more topical than ever. With innovation at the heart of Erno Laszlo, its new Phelityl™ Reviving Essence and Phelityl™  Reviving Cream are powered by the proprietary Phelityl™ Complex, which features a Biobotanical Blend and ceramides to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, replenishing and maintaining hydration.


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