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7 Fashionable Tricks a Man Should Know

“Vice does not lose its character by becoming fashionable.”- John Wesley


By: Emma Gill

Have you ever wondered the reason behind a man standing tall, amongst others irrespective of what they are wearing! The answer is straightforward – they take notice of every detailing involved while choosing any outfit. Right from your collar to your shoes, these seven smart tricks will aid you to look at your absolute best. There is a lot hidden to appreciate to look a few steps sharper. It is only possible if you incline yourself to enroll in the master class, which involves knowing and doing small things in the correct manner. It is the kind of stuff that put in a nutshell into easy-going strategies and maxims.

Here listed below seven smart tricks a man should know.

  • Dress in accordance with your stature

Most men do not buy or dress conferring to their stature. The standard rule states that the number of shirt buttons should be equivalent to your stature or height. For instance, if you are tall, then the best option for you is to wear a three-buttoned suit. Or if you are short-statured then one- buttoned suit suggested. Thus, always try making the best choice for yourself.

  • Be mindful of apparel’s tag and make

It is for you to know what fabric you are planning to buy. A couple of similar-looking shirt with the same price tag can be different, and whenever you decide on purchasing any attire for yourself, you should read the info given concerning the same and also the label. The fabric of both are different, and to get a knowledge of the thing, do check the insides and try figuring out their superiority.

  • Cherry-picking perfect collar

Whether it might be a formal, semi-formal, or casual T-shirt, most of the men’s clothing comes with a collar. Thus, it is essential to cherry-pick the correct collar matching well to your facial contour. For instance, a wide-collared shirt worn with a small face, to highlight the jawline. And, if having a full facial contour, then a tapered collar when making a face look a bit longer.

  • Dress in your best-tailored clothes

It sounds unreasoned, but if you are going out for shopping for yourself, it is best to wear your best-tailored outfit.  It will help you in getting the wisest of idea while purchasing any outfit. And also will save your time from getting delayed in the trial rooms. The additional benefit of wearing well-fitted clothes

  • Build up the Shape

To build up your shape, try having the shoulder joins set directly above your shoulders. The sleeves should be ending at the wrist’s crook, as this would highlight the quarter-inch of your shirt cuffs. Remember asking your tailor to take up your jacket’s bottom, so that it covers most of your back.

  • Save Damp Shoes

While saving your damp shoes, it is advisable to wipe it with the aid of a clean cloth. Wet leather shoes might ruin the same. You can stuff creased paper in them, and replace it when soaked. Keep repeating the same process until the shoes are almost dry. To give a long life to your leather shoes, rub them with a decent leather conditioner.

  • Wear accessories 

Trendy accessories will make you look up-to-the-minute. But, wearing a perfect outfit is not enough, as men always miss out the main factor of being fashionable. Though it looks very unassuming but accessory in an exclusive way to carry your apparel to new prominences. Along with stylish wristwatches, bead bracelets for men of great make can go very well with most of your garments.


There is a person hidden in you wanting to look confident and to be the cynosure in any gathering. Only wearing branded outfits will not help you look fashionable. What crops up in mind is how you can make yourself look trendy! The answer is very modest, and the above mentioned smart tricks will help you in making your general decision of being fashionable to the core.


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