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All That You Need To Know About Fedora Hats

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If you could time travel and go back a hundred years, you would have found yourself in a world full of people who followed a fashion completely distinct from today. No men of status or style would have left their house without wearing a hat. The hat was a fashion statement, status symbol (according to the type of hat you chose to wear), and a dress code that all men consciously maintained. Among such hats, the fedora was quite a famous one. In this article, you will get to know all about the iconic hat, how it came to be used so much, and how to dress up to fit in the hat with the attire. 

Though today wearing hats has been abandoned by most of the men, but still, this headgear hasn’t lost its charm. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can try donning a fedora hat. Observe the impressive looks of the people around you. It will make you more confident to flaunt the fedora more often, but before you do that, read on to know all about it. 

Why choose fedora hats?

The simplest answer to this question is the fedora is versatile in its style and appeal. Though hats are not a mandatory wardrobe inclusion for today’s gentlemen, yet a fedora can make its way into their closets easily. Many hats are introduced to novice buyers as fedora hats, but you must have the least knowledge of how to distinguish between a fedora and other hats like the bowlers, trilbies, or pork pies. A fedora will always have a soft, wide brim, and the center is likely to possess a dent. The pinched crown is its unique feature. Wool, felt, cashmere or straw are used to make these hats, and you can choose any one of them as per your choice. You will observe variations in style according to a wearer’s preference. This type of hat can be shaped, sized, creased, or bent in an endless number of ways. That’s why they are so popular. The main variations are – 

Crown: The top of the hat can be shaped in many ways – the common styles being a diamond and center crease. If you are looking for a classic look, go for the teardrop crown.

Brim: The brim of the fedora can have different widths, positions, and finishes. The brim’s edge can be left unfinished (a raw and simple cut), or if you want, you can opt for a brim stitched and trimmed with ribbon. 

Material: Felt is the preferred choice of material for making them. However, due to an increase in utility buy, straw has become men’s choice. It allows proper aeration and is very comfortable to wear. So, you are likely to find people taking an interest in the straw fedora hat men in the hat section of a store. 

Pinch: You can alter the softness and the sharpness of the pinch.

Detailing: The most typical fedora style you will see is a hat with a ribbon band sitting above the brim. If you want, you can ask for a bow or a feather to the detailing (if the occasion requires it).  

How to style a fedora hat

Though it entirely depends on your sense of fashion, a fedora, as stated earlier, depicts a vintage style. It looks best when teamed with formal, well-cut, classic menswear. Wearing a hat these days makes a bold statement. So, while pairing it with any attire, you will have to keep a close eye on how you pull the whole ensemble. Here are some tips you can consider giving them a try. 

  • Pair it with a jacket 

Men’s jackets include various styles like sports coats, blazers, overcoats, suit jackets, etc. It’s best to pair it with a formal jacket and make it look seasonally appropriate. Try your best not to wear a fedora with a pinstripe or aggressive chalk suit.

  • Choose the right hat for the right season

Earlier, men flaunted this hat all year-round, but it doesn’t make sense now. In the summers, if you want to or have to wear hats for any occasion, then opt for a Panama hat. During spring and fall, you can style your fedora in any way you like. 

  • Try to keep the look classic

It is being said time and again because fedora has a vintage look. So, if you wear similar traditional dresses with it, people will witness the true beauty.

  • It is only a part of your outdoor outfit

As per decorum, a hat is never worn inside. So, be careful to take it off once you step indoors. 

  • Either wear a fedora or a sunglass

A sunglass and a fedora hat are two strong style statement accessories. So, either of them at a time will do well. Pairing both of them will seem like too much is going on at the same time.   


So, style the fedora as per these guidelines or try out different looks with the hat on. Who knows, you might come up with a new style of your own! 


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