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COS Autumn Winter 2021 Show


London’s iconic Roundhouse sets the stage for COS Autumn Winter 2021 having previously inspired artists, filmmakers, and avant-garde productions while providing endless possibilities to young creative communities.  Projecting colour, light and movement onto a blank canvas within this unique venue, the show unifies the audience in a physical and digital space, emotively drawing the curtains open to an evolved direction for the brand.  

Specific components can instantly be recognized as COS; fabrications, cuts, colours – fundamental principles. These components emphasized an overarching precedence, of style over fashion.

Looking to reinvigorate a classic wardrobe, the freedom to push the boundaries of traditional design is paralleled by the fluidity of movement through draped, layered styles and oversized fits. Tailored details are elevated, and construction refined – meeting at a point between simplicity and intricacy, elegance and functionality. A retro influence is personified through enlarged collars and rounded sleeves in a mulberry silk dress, while 1990s minimalism inspires slimmer proportions and tailoring in the form of a waistcoat and relaxed trousers. Pleats animate skirts, while suiting adds a soft sense of structure. Classic coats are proposed in bright cobalt blue or crafted in leather, transforming everyday pieces.

Laidback and effortless, COS approaches the season with both functionally and style at the forefront of design. Nodding to streetwear and utilitarian styling, meticulous construction and intrinsic details take centre stage. Zips and seams are exposed, playing with traditional design, while archetypal garments are re-engineered; tailored suit trousers adopt unexpected utilitarian pockets, allowing for a relaxed feel. Inspired by 1970s-style graphic jacquard, landscapes, and earthy textures, statement knits are reworked into vests and jumpers using modern techniques and sustainably sourced materials.

A canary yellow faux fur clutch injects a burst of colour into the collection. Binding high fashion with relaxed everyday dressing, structured leather bags feature alongside soft teddy designs while footwear showcases chunky brogues and high shaft boots – an elevated take on modern classics.

A selection of items from the show collection are available exclusively at COS stores and cos.com and limited numbers will continue to drop throughout the season.


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