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Montreal Fashion Show – Opening Collections


Some of the world’s most innovative designers released their Spring 2013 collections this year in Montreal, which hosted the industry elite, among them a few fashionistas who were spotted witnessing the latest trends from the front row (every girls dream come true). In North America, Montreal Fashion Week is a must-see event – not only does it draw thousands of spectators a year, but it acknowledges cultural expression where the works of innovative international designers are celebrated.

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Lighting up the catwalk was rising star Melissa Nepton’s collection, an upcoming Canadian fashion designer who is well known for her ready to wear couture and ultra-feminine silhouettes. On the runway, Nepton’s collection featured show stopping pieces including chic dresses, wide pants, silks and stripes with a distinct marine influence. Nepton exhibited a fresh, effortless line addressing the ideal woman whose presence is pronounced in her fashionable yet comfortable style.



Known for their precision and attention to detail, Tavan & Mitto delivered a rich colour palette with emerald and amethyst hues in satin like materials. The use of lace was utilized to give the perfect silhouettes a flirty sense of sophistication. Genuinely feminine. Trend setters, Tavan & Mitto also used the Tummy top cut, which we will be seeing a lot more of in spring. With this year’s collection, they definitely reaffirmed their creativity, leaving the audience anticipating for what’s next to come.



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