The media epoch has been incessantly generating new codes of existence. Exposure is encouraged, fragility is celebrated, and a norm no longer exists.  Artificial standards are set to be instantly reconsidered.  

In DZHUS SS22 collection of multi-purpose clothing and accessories, Irina Dzhus ironises equally the established stereotypes about human appearance and  exaggeratedly optimistic new trends. DZHUS juxtaposes empowerment to the body cult in symbolically sexualised silhouettes featuring grotesque  proportions. Exhibitionism coexists with introversion in all-covered outfits showing surreal, anatomic-looking details while being modified. While design of  collars and pockets refers to breasts’ shape, pleated wig-like hoods are an allusion to hair obsession in the mass culture. 

The lingerie theme is boldly translated in the garments’ structure: 2 underwear bottoms merge into a top, whereas bra details are multiplied, forming a  distorted biomorphic look. The ethically sourced fabrics are playful and emotional: from double-faced cottons to immense pleating, from glossy silk to soft  melange, from ribbed wool to crumpled organza.  

DZHUS deciphers sartorial patterns, meant to fit human body, and integrates recognizable cut elements in clothing details that, eventually, transform into  bags and head-wear. Created for both a procrastinating escapist and a hyperactive media icon (possibly, same person), cozy DZHUS sweatpants turn into an  appealing dress in a few seconds, and a statement skirt folds as a colossal shopper bag.  

DZHUS develops its concept of unified wardrobe items, inventing new, unprecedentedly variable ways of using seemingly basic pieces. This philosophy reflects the brand’s aspiration to fulfill a conscious approach to consumption with no limitation for creativity. The collection was produced with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


Photo: Alexey Ponomarev @pnmrvalexey 

Video: Jorj Jorburj @jorburj / Whodidzis? 

Styling: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio @irina.dzhus 

Music & sound design: EYIBRA @eyibra 

Makeup & hair: Julia Vasilkovskaya @mua.model, Nika Vorobiova @ __caille__; Ivanna Savchuk @vvaneks / 96 Group

Agency Models: Svetlana Opanasiuk @svetkazelen/ Model Scouting Bureau, Amina Dosymbayeva @yaamonia / Kmodels, Grace @_xx.gracie / Ecos, Sasha Yatsiuk @moremi______ / Cat-B 

Styling assistants: Andrii Popov @popovandrii, Maria Norets @marienorets 

Ethical footwear: House Martin @housemartin_footwear 

The photos and the video were created with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation @ucf_in_ua #supportedbyucf 


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