ANNAKIKI SS20 Collection


Inspired by a dream, ANNAKIKI Creative Director Anna Yang envisioned a
girl from the future who travels back to the 1980s, embarking on a surreal
journey through time from the year 2080. During a time when the world
economy experienced a recovery, social classes divided and clothing
became an important means for people to express their individuality.
Independent, professional women subverted tradition and displayed
their originality with a colorful, powerful, exaggerated style of dressing.

In the time before the internet and social media era, social activities
involved people directly interacting at cocktail parties, dances and dinner
parties with pop music by Madonna and Prince playing in the background.
The time travelling ANNAKIKI girl blends the blazing style of feminism in
the 80s into a brilliant collision of the future.

The “2080” collection combines a masculine/feminine contrast, a signature
of ANNAKIKI’s quirky style, with 80s elements like contour structure, wide
shoulder power suits with ties, and exaggerated sleeves. The futuristic
deconstruction design reworks the professional suits of the middle class.
High-waist structures and elegant, playful silhouettes lead to fun fluffy
party dresses, followed by the sparkly Saturday night, psychedelic party
scene, where our girl is the star of the dance. Special touches throughout
include exaggerated luxury oversized accessories, exaggerated metal
glasses, crystal appliqués and custom print hair scrunchies.


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