Canadian high-end fashion designer, Joseph Tassoni is doing his part to aid in the fight against COVID-19. Since the beginning of March, the Joseph Tassoni brand has been producing protective equipment, including masks and gloves, for both citizens and essential workers alike to help the Southern Ontario community. Joseph first began making the locally sourced and re-usable protective equipment when he saw the need for them in his community in Burlington, where his store is located, and to ensure workers are protected and the local economy can continue. 

Unlike other masks currently on the market, the material used in Joseph Tassoni’s Canadian made masks made with a specially sourced material that resists the build up of moisture and bacteria. Given the quality of the garments Tassoni was creating, healthcare workers at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington began contacting him and requesting equipment be made for the hospital, as well. Joseph decided to take the initiative a step further, with $5 from each purchase of the equipment being donated to Joseph Brant Hospital. 

“This initiative is a chance for us to use our skills, supply chain and equipment to help produce products that will bridge the protective equipment gap in hospitals,” says Canadian designer Joseph Tassoni. “Everything we produce is made right here in Burlington – so with your help we will be keeping members in our own community working, and most importantly, doing our part to keep our community’s essential workers and citizens safe.”

Medical grade equipment is hard to come by, and Joseph wants to ensure that equipment is allotted to the health care workers who need them most. Joseph Tassoni’s masks are a great alternative for the community workers who are keeping the economy going, but want to stay safe, as well as local citizens that want to do their part to support locally made products.

The masks are available for purchase here, with $5 dollars from each purchase going towards Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.

For more information, please visit Joseph Tassoni’s website: 



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