Ruthie Davis announces the launch of the Disney Princess x Ruthie Davis Cinderella Shoe in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Disney Cinderella. Available on November 9th, exclusively at, Ruthie Davis takes inspiration from the famed slipper of the Disney Princess by designing two new pumps to commemorate the film. The beloved fairy tale about a hard-working young girl who escapes the reins of her stepmother and stepsisters to attend the royal ball is a time-honored classic with a takeaway weaved into the hearts of everyone who has seen it: Never give up on your dreams.

The sky-high, ultra-sleek 4-inch stilettos elevate whoever wears them both inside and out, offering the confidence to rise above any obstacle. “Strikes midnight” has a stamp emblazoned on its side, which reads The Shoe Fits Me. Available in two color ways black kidskin and oleographic kidskin, replicating the “glass” slipper, each shoe has silver glitter outsoles and includes the Disney Princess X Ruthie Davis logo with the iconic Disney Cinderella slipper artwork.

“For me, Cinderella is the story of a kind and courageous woman with strong values. Despite the challenges she faces, Cinderella continues to believe in herself and through hard work and determination, she ultimately realizes her dreams. I create for everyone – all genders, shapes, and skin colors – when designing my shoes. I hope to make everyone wearing my creations feel powerful and beautiful, so they live their lives with confidence and achieve their dreams. My Disney x Ruthie Davis Cinderella slipper is not an exclusive fit meant for only one person.  It is designed to fit many people including all those individuals who are working towards a dream because, ‘The Shoe Fits Me.’ said Ruthie Davis. The collection will be available for purchase November 9th exclusively on,


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