Award winning – Welligogs is intensely focused on design, functionality and quality in our range of luxurious women’s clothing and footwear with a distinctly British edge. They produce comfort inspired style, with freedom and joy woven into the heart of our products that are now worn by many a famous face and shipped worldwide. Their unique touch is influenced by the lifestyle they love. 

Their products range from both technical and fashionable footwear to outerwear. With performance based designed, waterproof leather boots to luxuriously wool tailored blazers, WG can dress you head to foot. With a heritage, classic core, our products intertwine a timeless feel with contemporary flare and can be worn country to city, day to night. 

“Our spotlight on becoming a conscious brand, drives our focus on using regenerative, natural materials. Sourcing as locally as possible and providing products that endure, maintains our mission to become a sustainable, desirable fashion company. “

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