Summer is here, and most Canadians are planning to celebrate the warm weather by having outdoor barbecues or staycations at nearby hotels or AirBnBs. More people have started to embrace the staycation as it’s a pleasant way to spend the weekend without going too far from home. Going on a staycation isn’t simply about staying in and watching TV until dawn– it’s about having a cosy and relaxing experience in a comfortable setting. Moreover, it’s about enjoying leisurely activities that can have a healing effect on one’s body and soul. If you’re planning to go on a staycation, heighten the experience by dressing well for it. It’s not about silk robes and feathered, high heeled shoes: it’s about comfy, cozy outfits that’ll make you look good and feel great while on your mini getaway. Here’s a guide to looking fab on your staycation.

Wear bright summer colours

When you’re on a staycation, it’s important to do activities that will rejuvenate you or uplift your spirits. Whether that’s watching multiple episodes of your favourite show on Netflix, catching up on your reading, or taking a long soak in the tub while sipping champagne, don’t feel guilty about indulging in these activities since this type of holiday is all about treating yourself. That being said, don’t feel guilty about wanting to look good either. For your staycation, don’t bring your old sweats or holey t-shirts– instead, treat yourself to lightweight cotton t-shirts, trousers, shorts, and floaty mini dresses in vibrant summer colours such as classic blue, seafoam green, and coral pink. If you can’t stand the idea of wearing too much colour, try pairing white shirts with printed or patterned shorts or drawstring trousers. Wearing clothes with a pop of colour can lift your spirits and put you in a holiday mood, so ditch the dark clothing for now and introduce some colour into your staycation wardrobe. 

Accessorise wisely

You don’t need a ton of accessories when you’re on a staycation. Embellished sandals work well with everything, while a pair of trainers can come in handy if you feel like working out. If you’re fond of taking selfies, a pair of drop earrings or gold hoops will add a glow to your face, while oversized sunglasses will make you look perfectly glam while you’re lounging by the pool. Remember to bring some makeup while you’re at it so you can enhance your summer look. Some tinted moisturiser or BB cream, mascara, concealer, a rosy lip colour, and a bit of blush is all you need to get that fresh, rosy, and healthy glow.

Comfort is key

Loose, comfortable clothing is the key to have a relaxing holiday. Soft bedroom slippers, silky soft pyjamas, and a plush lounging robe are terrific items to wear on a staycation. If you get easily cold, an oversized sweater in a neutral shade can be slipped over your summer clothing to keep you warm. Comfortable underwear is also essential, so opt for cotton high cut briefs or boy shorts, and bras with no underwires for your getaway. 

Packing the right clothes for a staycation is a must for a successful holiday. Try out these outfit ideas for your mini getaway and look fab while you’re staying in.


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