Female-founded, elevated basics brand Numi has launched a line of Sustainable Silk™ including a button-up, short-sleeve blouse, reversible tank top and classic cami. Using forward-thinking and functional materials designed to make life easier and be kinder to the planet, Numi’s Sustainable Silk™ is made in Canada with fabrics imported from Italy. The collection incorporates a blend of 29% Silk and 69% Naia™ a sustainable yarn made from pine and eucalyptus trees. The silk tops are treated with bluesign® compliant stain repellent technology, making them stain-resistant (water, oil and dirt-repellent) and machine washable. The easy wear, easy care silk collection that is machine washable is designed for the everyday woman with items that can be worn from day to night without the stress of staining during the day or having to go to the dry cleaners. The collection features a classic button-up, short sleeve blouse, reversible tank top, and a classic cami in black, blue, blush, and white. Styles are named after historical women and thought leaders like author & feminist Simone de Beauvoir, investigative journalist Ida Wells-Barnett, poet Audre Lorde and on-screen starlet and inventor Hedy Lamarr.

Numi’s stain-resistant collection is available now at https://wearnumi.com/collections/sustainable-silk.


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