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Rough & Tumble Invites Consumers to Be the Handbag Designer

(Pictured above from left to right: Rough & Tumble’s Pillow Bucket in Blush Suede, Pillow Bucket in September Lambskin, and The Original Hobo Pack™ in Raspberry)

From Valentines to Galentines, trends continue to show traditional gift-giving may be a thing of V-Days past. Consumers remain increasingly interested in creating and giving lasting experiences, reports the National Retail Federation (NRF). In 2020, nearly a third of consumers will give a gift of experience for Valentine’s Day, jumping to nearly half among millennials between the ages of 25 and 34. Enter Rough & Tumble: the Maine-based handbag producer offering consumers a rare, cutting-edge retail experience to be the designer of their own bags from anywhere in the world. With an infinite number of possible design combinations in at least 12 different handbag styles available, personal design assistants help navigate, interactively on-line or live.

The originator of The Original Hobo Pack™, Rough & Tumble is sought after around the world for their exclusive collection of over a hundred leathers, primarily custom-made exclusively for the brand and meticulously sourced from Italy and France. Rough & Tumble’s steadily growing following of brand super fans cherish the opportunity to create their own collection of handbags, each born from a design of their own imagination. Every Rough & Tumble handbag is made one-at-a-time by local, expert crafters at the company’s design studio in Brunswick, Maine.

With an infinite number of possible design combinations, Rough & Tumble’s collection of handbags and design options, including exclusive leathers, fabrics, and hardware, provides customers the ability to create a bag that perfectly expresses their distinct individuality in an otherwise commonly seen sea of handbag designs and functionality.

According to Natasha Durham, Rough & Tumble’s founder and creative director, “We deliberately refer to ourselves as ‘the unbranded-brand’ and create handbags that deliver a purposeful mix of visual balance, clean architecture, and high function to achieve trend-free, heirloom-quality design in the way they look, feel, and function. For us,” explains Natasha, “The experience of a Rough & Tumble bag goes well beyond our unique design experience. Each bag creates a deep connection and a long-lasting experience with wearers designed to be passed down from generation-to-generation.”

To learn more about Rough & Tumble, visit www.roughandtumbledesign.com.


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