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glee body Hair Removal Waxes and Creams launches in Canada

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joy + glee is a woman’s body maintenance brand has launched body hair removal waxes and creams in Canada. From razors to shave preps and now waxes and creams, joy + glee products are simply designed with only what’s needed to get those hair chores done. After all, different hair removal chores require different tools, especially when your hair is more attached to you than you are to it.

The new glee product additions offer women options on how they want to remove unwanted hair on the body, bikini and face areas:

  • Waxes: For body, bikini and face, the wax strips require no rubbing and eliminate hairs in one application for results that last up to three weeks!
  • Creams: For face and body, the cream delivers fast results in two to five minutes and can be used in the shower. Cream will stay on for up to 5 minutes while you shower!

All products are available in stores at Walmart and online at Walmart.ca for $11.99.


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