Gucci Announces the new Gucci Bamboo 1947 Campaign Featuring Liu Wen


Supermodel Liu Wen stars in the House’s latest campaign dedicated to the Bamboo 1947, distinguished by the curved bamboo handle whose hand-crafted nature makes each bag unique. Shot and directed by David Sims, the campaign portrays two emblematic characters in an intimate relationship – the kind that develops between an individual and a loved object. Stills and video depict the bag as a symbolic keeper of secrets, an allegorical treasure chest of cherished sentiments. Everything traces back to the enduring bond that exists between a woman and her bag and how this connection grows deeper over time as a bag is much more than a mere object, but rather an extension of the woman herself and an expression of her unique femininity.

The Gucci Bamboo 1947, as well as its archival predecessors are prominently featured within Gucci Cosmos, a major new exhibition of the House’s most iconic and timeless designs from its 102-year history, debuting in Shanghai on April 28 and open until June 25. Curated by Italian fashion critic Maria Luisa Frisa, the exhibition is designed by British artist Es Devlin, who has also created a special installation for the Bamboo 1947 that can be found in dedicated window displays and inside select Gucci boutiques around the world.

Product Details

An instant emblem forged by a flame, the curved bamboo handle crowns a leather handbag in 1947, marking the House’s path as an innovator in craftsmanship and luxury. Today, the renowned design of the Gucci Bamboo 1947 is at the heart of the House’s signature bag collection, representing how a creative instinct propelled by profound know-how has led Gucci to where it is today.

In 1947 – amidst Italy’s post-war era in which traditional raw materials were difficult to come by – the enterprising founder, Guccio Gucci, with the help of the House’s visionary Florentine artisans, decided to use the lightweight and durable bamboo for the handle of a purse. The paradigm of design coherence and the authority of leather was gracefully challenged by the bamboo in a game of contrasts that defied the aesthetic rules of the time.

The bamboo top handle also ushered in an expansion of the House’s artisanal expertise, as there is a highly technical process behind crafting the curved stalk. A craftsman first selects the most unblemished pieces of bamboo, which are then softened and worked over an open flame by hand to manipulate the material into a semi-circular form. Once shaped, the handle is coated in multiple layers of lacquer, after which it is baked to achieve a shiny golden-brown finish. Due to this meticulous process, not a single bamboo handle is ever the same.

Following its debut, the ‘Bamboo Bag’ became a fixture among Hollywood’s leading ladies and the international jet set, consolidating the style’s status as an innovative icon around the world. The current Gucci Bamboo 1947 is distinguished by interchangeable leather and Web straps, adding to the style’s functionality. Both straps are detachable and adjustable, making it a highly versatile accessory, suitable for myriad occasions. 

Presented in different combinations that evoke diverse attitudes, the top handle bag comes in varying sizes and materials. The line is presented in timeless color palettes as well as seasonal variations and is enriched by refined evening styles and precious leather iterations.


Art Director: Ezra Petronio & Lara Petrusevych
Photographer & Director: David Sims
Make up: Thomas De Kluyver
Hair: Paul Hanlon

Music Credits

Jarvis Cocker -You’re in my eyes (Disco Song) Pilooski Remix (Instrumental) ℗ & © 2009 Rough Trade
Performed by Jarvis Cocker. Written by Stephen Mackey, Timothy McCall, Simon Stafford, Jarvis Cocker, Martin Craft, & Ross Orton.
Remix and additional production by Pilooski/Cédric Marszewski.
Published by Wixen Music UK, Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, and Concord Copyrights.


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