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The Dark Side of Pretty: Trends for F/W 2014


Velvet and lace, two fabrics that are seemingly rich in history and culture can be found at the forefront of fashion once again.

No matter what decade or era, both fabrics have been in the fashion industry in one way or another. Whether it has Velvetbeen on accessories, couture gowns or lingerie, they are both widely used, even to this day.

Lace and velvet have once again been spotted on the runway, not only separately but combined in a new and exciting way. These soft fabrics are done in a more mischievous manner, taking something pretty and making it dark and glamorous.

Everything about these two fabrics is elegant and luxurious, perfect for winter and the many parties during the holiday season. There were three runway shows that explored this trend and made it their own. The three stand out shows were Nina Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana and Ellie Saab.

Nina Ricci’s show was alive with colours at the beginning, then transitioning into all black for the finale.  The inspiration of loungewear and lingerie was evident with its provocative feel. The patchworks of lace and velvet on some of their pieces brought a new feel to the mixing of these two fabrics. Everything that came down the runway was very tactile, making it very sensuous.

Dolce & Gabbana’s show used velvet in a different way than Nina Ricci’s. The runway was a dream world of a faraway fairy tale. The pieces were reminiscent of outfits that could be worn in a secret garden; hooded cloaks and deep, dark  colours. There were pieces done completely in lace or velvet that was appliqued on dresses in a lace pattern, both very romantic in feel.

Ellie Saab’s show was that of dark opulence. The pieces sent down the runway were simple in colour: rose, merlot, emerald and black for the holiday season. The only pattern was a painterly effect done through ombre colouring and the velvet fabric used.  Like Nina Ricci’s show, there was a patchwork of lace and velvet used on simple silk pieces.  The use of lace and velvet gave the show a truly elegant feel.

Overall the Fall 2014 trend of mixing velvet and lace was done in a fanciful and whimsical way, seen in all three runway shows.














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