Featuring bottles made with recycled plastic and a new 100% recyclable carton


The brand’s latest innovation and launch in the hand soap category meets consumer demand for a formula made without parabens, sulfates and dyes in packaging that supports the brand’s recently-announced ESG commitments and spans all hand soaps in the assortment.

“Delivering quality products has always been our priority, and we’re responding to customer demands by giving them hand soaps that offer same efficacious results but are made without sulfates, parabens and dyes in our unmatched breadth of fragrance choice,” said Betsy Schumacher, Chief Merchandising Officer at Bath & Body Works.

With this launch, all Bath & Body Works hand soaps are now:

  • Made without sulfates, parabens or dyes
  • Made with natural essential oils, vitamin E, shea extract and aloe
  • In bottles made with at least 50% recycled plastic

As part of the reformulation, Bath & Body Works is introducing their first-ever hand soap refills. Featuring the Gentle and Clean Foaming formula in a 100% recyclable carton, they provide up to 3.6 refills. In addition to creating an all-new option to refill empty hand soap bottles, the refills can also be used to fill an exclusive refillable glass decanter now available for purchase. The cartons are available in 6 customer-favorite fragrances including Kitchen Lemon, Mahogany Teakwood and Champagne Toast.

Customers can shop all 28 Bath & Body Works-exclusive fragrances, from iconic bestsellers to new-for-the-season scents, across the brand’s two hand soap formulas.

  • Gentle and Clean Foaming Hand Soap is a light, luxurious foam that gently washes away dirt and germs
  • Cleansing Gel Hand Soap is a soft gel lather that washes away germs

Bath & Body Works’ reformulated hand soaps and refills are available now in stores nationwide. With nearly every location outfitted with a sink, it’s the perfect opportunity for customers to try any fragrance and formula available and fall in love with new favorites. Customers can also shop the full collection online at or via the My Bath & Body Works loyalty app.

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