Oral-B just recently launched their latest power toothbrush, the new Oral-B iO, and I thought it might be a good fit for any upcoming holiday content or gifting round-ups. This new brush features new technology, including artificial intelligence and a digital interface, to keep teeth sparkling and gums healthy so you can be camera-ready (even if it’s just a Zoom Call!). 

Available in an array of colours, this brush is the perfect gift for anyone looking to get a dentist-like clean from home.

Oral-B iO Power Toothbrush

Key Features/Highlights: 

  • Digital Interface/Artificial Intelligence
    • The iO wakes up with you every morning and greets you before you go to bed every evening. 
    • With its built in 3D tracking and AI recognition, the toothbrush says “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” on its interface (the first-of-its-kind), counts down two minutes while you brush, and even shares a smiley face once you’ve finished brushing. 
    • The iO also gives you personalized brushing encouragement delivered in real time, offering seven modes depending on what your goals are (ie. whiten, sensitive, daily clean). 
  • Frictionless magnetic drive to drive power throughout brush
  • Pressure sensor to alert you when brushing too hard
  • Available in 4 different colours – Black Onyx, White Alabaster, Violet Ametrine and Rose Quartz


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