New Movement Channel Redefines Fitness

Canadian, female-led fitness channel launches in June


Movement by NM, a new subscription-based fitness channel launching this June, takes a modern approach to fitness and is helping individuals learn how to incorporate movement into their everyday lives. Led by elite trainers ranging from master yoga instructors to kickboxing champions, these premium fitness classes can be integrated seamlessly into your daily routine.

Movement by NM is led by mother-daughter duo Gabriela Schonbach and Amanda June Giannakos. Gabriela has been producing content in the health and fitness space for over 20 years, and was more recently joined by her daughter with a vision to create an accessible and positive workout experience for every body and fitness level — particularly timely during a global pandemic when many people don’t have access to a gym, fitness studio, or yoga space.

The company is built around an online subscription platform featuring classes and programs guided by superstar athletes like Dom Termansen, Canadian Football League (CFL) player; Farinaz Lari, world kickboxing champion; Kate Potter, world-renowned yoga teacher; and Keighty Gallagher, former captain of Canada’s Junior National Athletics Team and founder of Tight Club Athletics. While hailing from different backgrounds, Movement by NM trainers are experts in their disciplines and passionate about helping you feel good in your body at any stage in your life. Each class resembles a personal training session, with an overarching goal of transforming the way people relate to fitness and shifting focus to the benefits and joy of daily movement.

“Movement by NM is the culmination of my many years exploring movement practices, sports, and creative outlets. I am passionate about giving people an accessible, friendly, and inspiring place to connect with others and find freedom through movement,” says Managing Director Amanda June Giannakos.

Whether moving with intention or strength, playfully or boldly, Movement by NM connects people with the confidence that comes from honouring and nourishing your body. Stay up to date on social by following @movementbynm on Instagram and Facebook. Sign up for a free 14-day trial at to explore a modern approach to fitness.


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