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Places to Visit Before You Hit 30

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Traveling is a great way to enrich your life with cultural and learning experiences that will last you a lifetime. And while you’re young, it is important to seek your interest and make the most of your twenties.

Once you hit thirty, you begin to have far more responsibilities, such as maintaining a stable job, raising a family, and paying off many more bills. With children running around and a body that is not as adept at traveling as it once was, it’s a good idea to start traveling in your twenties. Here are five must-visit places that are hand-selected to fit the interests and benefits of being young and in your twenties.

Las Vegas, USA

There is no better place to celebrate your 21st birthday than in Las Vegas. In Vegas, you can find pricier options to spend the night or opt for a budget hotel. Vegas is also very convenient to get around in. With the Las Vegas Monorail, you can visit many places in the area, including restaurants or landmarks. The many shows, nightclubs, and casinos make Las Vegas a perfect destination to see in your twenties. Even if too much sight-seeing is not your thing, Las Vegas can offer plenty of five-star hotels, where you can enjoy your massage, great food, and still visit any casino online, without leaving your room.

Mumbai, India

As one of the most populated countries globally, it is no surprise that India would be one of the most bustling places to visit. Try some spicy street food at the portable market stalls and enjoy all the different flavors and textures. If you’re looking to do some shopping, head to Chor Bazaar and bargain down the prices of some traditional items. With a history of over 150 years, you will be sure to find some interesting antiques.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities globally due to its wealth from tourism. Dubai is known for its record-breaking nature. Visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, standing at a whopping 2722.4 feet tall, and do some high-end shopping at the largest mall in the world. In Dubai, you can do everything bigger and better. With ziplining, water sports, and some of the most elite nightclubs in the world, you can see why Dubai would be the most visited city in the world.

Beijing, China

Beijing is home to the famous 4,000 miles long Great Wall of China. For a more leisurely walk, visit the wall in Mutianyu, or if you are looking for more of a challenge, take a hike near Jinshanling. If you are looking to see cultural sites, visit The Temple of Heaven where the emperors held heaven worship ceremonies or The Forbidden City, where you can see a preserved imperial palace. 

Western Cape, South Africa

If you are more interested in nature and outdoor activities, visit Western Cape. It is the perfect time to challenge yourself in your twenties by going on a backpacking trip. There are plenty of safe overnight hiking trails for you to choose from, such as Pipe Track or Lion’s Head Path. You can also go on a safari for a less intense method of immersing yourself in nature.


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