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New study reveals the most plant-based cities in Canada

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A new study revealed that Canadian city Victoria is the country’s most vegan-friendly city, according to Trip Advisor.   

The study, conducted by Canadian Meal delivery services comparison platform MealKitsCanada analyzed Trip Advisor data for the 96 most populated Canadian cities and ranked them according to the number of restaurants serving vegan options per 10,000 people, to find out the most vegan-friendly Canadian cities. 

According to results, the most vegan-friendly Canadian cities are: 

        Population         Restaurants with vegan options         Vegan Restaurants per 10,000 people 
        1     Victoria     91,867     164     17.85 
        2     Niagara Falls     94,415     70     7.41 
        3     Kelowna     144,576     85     5.88 
        4     Saint John     69,895     39     5.58 
        5     Vancouver     662,248     359     5.42 
        6     Kamloops     97,902     47     4.80 
        7     Fredericton     63,116     30     4.75 
        8     Peterborough     83,651     38     4.54 
        9     Moncton     79,470     35     4.40 
        10     Kingston     132,485     57     4.30 
        11     Aurora     62,057     26     4.19 
        12     Nanaimo     99,863     41     4.11 
        13     Vaughan     323,103     130     4.02 
        14     Richmond Hill     202,022     73     3.61 
        15     St. John’s     110,525     39     3.53 
  • Victoria 

With an average of 17.85 vegan-friendly restaurants per 10,000 people, Victoria is the most plant-based Canadian city. British Columbia’s capital city is one of the most densely populated cities in the country, and counts 164 restaurants with vegan options, making it the best destination for vegans and vegetarians in the country.  

  • Niagara Falls 

Maybe due to its affluent tourism, the city of Niagara Falls is the second most vegan city in Canada. Situated in the province of Ontario and known all over the world for its breath-taking waterfalls, Niagara Falls counts 7.41 vegan restaurants per every 10,000 people. With a population of 94,415 people, and a total number of 70 restaurants offering plant-based food options, the city of Niagara Falls is one of the best places for vegans in Canada. 

  • Kelowna  

With a total population of 144,576 people, and 5.88 vegan-friendly restaurants per 10,000 people, Kelowna is the third most plant-based city in Canada. The British Columbian city counts a total number of 85 restaurants that offer vegan-friendly food, making it an ideal destination for all plant-based fanatics.  

  • Saint John  

Located on the Bay of Fundy, in the province of New Brunswick, the colorful Canadian city of Saint John is the fourth most vegan city in the country, with 5.58 vegan restaurants per 10,000 people and a total of 39 restaurants that offer plant-based options. With a population of 69,895 people Saint John is one of the best destinations for vegan tourists to visit. 

  • Vancouver 

Fifth in the ranking is the vibrant and diverse city of Vancouver. With a population of 662,248 people and the second highest number of restaurants with vegan options (359) after Toronto (589), Vancouver is the fifth most vegan-friendly city in Canada, offering around 5.42 plant-based restaurants every 100,000 people. 

A spokesperson for MealKitsCanada comments on the findings:  

‘Veganism has never been more popular than today. More and more people around the world are choosing a plant-based diet for various reasons, and many restaurants have recognised the need to provide more dishes that are both delicious and suitable for vegans.  

“The figures demonstrate that a lot of Canadian cities and smaller towns are responding well to these demands, with mid-sized cities such as Victoria, Niagara Falls and Kelowna dominating the ranking.”  

The study was conducted by MealKitsCanada, an online platform which compares meal delivery services around the country.  

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