Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon Unveils Newly Renovated Spaces and Outdoor Mural Installation

Local building and design community comes together to create inspiring new playroom, teen lounge and revitalized outdoor sport court


Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon (RMH BC) is thrilled to welcome children and families into several newly redesigned spaces within its House located in Vancouver, B.C. The recent improvements include renovations to the playroom and teen lounge as well as a vibrant mural installation in the outdoor sport court, all of which was made possible through contributions by members of the B.C. building and design community.

This year, RMH BC celebrates eight years in its 73-bedroom House on the campus of BC Children’s Hospital (and over 39 years of operation in Vancouver, B.C.). As part of the original House design, RMH BC’s playroom, teen lounge and outdoor sport court were created to provide welcoming, uplifting spaces for children and teens receiving life-saving treatment. Supporting RMH BC in continuing this mission, celebrated members of the local building and design community – Alair Homes, Jamie Banfield Design, Cathy Radcliffe Design, Margot Jagger of Wilson Road and Elyse Dodge – came together to breathe new life into these essential spaces. “We aspire to offer engaging and inspiring play spaces for children of all ages, as part of our core mission to support every family that stays at Ronald McDonald House,” says Richard Pass, CEO. “We are so grateful to our community and many donors who made these transformations possible. Many moments of joy and excitement await kids and families, now and in the future, as they explore these refreshed and reimagined spaces.”

The RMH BC playroom – designed by Jamie Banfield and built by Alair Homes – welcomes children into a bright environment where joy flourishes and unbridled imagination runs wild. Here, separate vignettes engage children is various types of play, from dress-up to kitchen preparation, to grocery shopping at the “McDonald Store.” The teen lounge was reimagined by longtime supporter Cathy Radcliffe, her design team as well as Margot Jagger of Wilson Road – who infused the room with an atmosphere of cool and calm. In addition to a soothing colour scheme, the lounge features new furniture and artwork, as well as updated games and activities. 

On the RMH BC grounds, the outdoor sport court has been transformed with a vibrant mural installation by California-based B.C. artist Elyse Dodge. Titled “Panorama Ridge,” which refers to a stunning viewpoint in Garibaldi Provincial Park, the installation evokes the weighty obstacles faced by children and families staying at RMH BC, as well as the peace, clarity, and hope that the House aims to provide.

“Organizations like Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon play an essential role in the lives of families who are faced with unimaginable circumstances,” says the Stephens family, currently staying at RMH BC. “The environment around us has such an impact on both our mental state and emotional wellbeing, so it means everything to have designers take the time to create surroundings that are calming, uplifting and welcoming for both kids and parents. On behalf of our family and others who call RMH BC home, we would like to say thank you to Jamie Banfield, Alair Homes, Cathy Radcliffe Design, Wilson Road and Elyse Dodge for helping transform the House into an even more incredible home-away-from-home.”

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