When you think of 2020, video calls is likely one of the first things that comes to mind. Whether it’s a catch up with your friends on the weekend or a Monday morning team call, video conferencing has become a reality that the world has been forced to adopt.

The sudden shift to working remotely is something many of us have had to adapt to, along with the many difficulties it brings. And while taking video calls in your pajamas from bed is tempting, video calls should be treated the same as in-person meetings to ensure a positive experience for all. 

With this new era of virtual meetings likely becoming permanently integrated into many business operations, there’s definitely a need to set some guidelines for proper meeting etiquette.

The experts over at Banty.com, an appointment-focused video conferencing platform, offer some tips and tricks to stay productive, connected and professional during video calls as we kick off 2021:

  • Turn on your video—While many are unable to hold in-person meetings, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still try to make meetings as personable as possible. Using the video option allows participants to see you clearly, put a face to the name, and is important to provide a human touch during a conversation.
  • Stage your background area—People aren’t just seeing you in the video, they are also seeing whatever is in your background. A clean and professional-looking background set up can make all the difference in the participants perception of you, especially if it’s an important client or manager on the other end.
  • Mute your microphone—If you aren’t speaking, it’s always best to turn your microphone off. A car alarm going on outside your window or your fingers clicking on the keyboard can be distracting background noises that no one wants to hear. Even if there is no background noise, your microphone will still pick up any little sound.
  • Dress to impress—It’s probably a good idea that you change out of your pajamas and into something a little bit more professional. Not only will you be feeling more put together after months of wearing sweats every day, but you’ll make a positive impression on the participants.
  • Stay focused—While it’s easy to get distracted by an email or multitask while in a meeting, being present and looking into the camera will give the appearance that you are engaged in the conversation (which you should be, regardless).



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