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Elimin8 Hate Presents Special Programming at the 25th Anniversary of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival


Elimin8Hate (E8), the advocacy arm of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF), presents special programming geared towards dismantling Asian Canadian discrimination at the 25th anniversary of the festival. E8 uses the power of the arts, film, and media to educate Canadians on the wide range of anti-Asian hate in the country including racism and underrepresentation. 

At this year’s film festival, E8 presents a special afternoon of films highlighting some of the key issues that Asian Canadians continue to face including the premiere of Lynda, a short film highlighting the desire by Asian Canadians to reclaim their names directed by E8 Ambassador Eileen Park Robertson.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 2,265 cases of incidents of anti-Asian racism in Canada reported (more reported incidents than the United States by 100%, per capita) . British Columbia continues to report the most incidents per capita of any North American province, state or territory- by city, Vancouver has the highest number of reported incidents per capita. 

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