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Self-love for beginners: LELO’s sexual wellness portfolio


Lock yourself down and unleash a surge of pleasure. Explore your erogenous zones, clitoris, and G-spot, with these LELO body-safe silicone rabbit vibrators that reinvent the art of masturbation.

Self-love is not simply a state of feeling good. It is an appreciation for oneself that grows from actions supporting our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Self-love is not static because as we begin to accept who we are, what makes us tick, and what gives us fulfilment, we begin to grow. Self-love is so important to your welfare that LELO, a world-leading brand in sexual wellness, wants you to know how to bring more of it into your life.

The self-love LELO is talking about is the sexual kind of self-love, where you discover your wants and desires, educate yourself in what makes you tick before you can love or engage with others. Humans are sexual beings, one of the only mammals that enjoy sex for pleasure, not just procreation. Therefore, exploring and enjoying our bodies is the most natural thing in our known universe. Setting a new precedent in the technology of female pleasure, INA Wave 2™ and INA 3™ feature a beckoning, ‘come-hither’ motion, made possible by LELO’s exclusive WaveMotion™ technology first seen in its bestseller INA Wave™.

In addition to this revolutionary feature, INA Wave 2™ and INA 3™ feature perfectly placed vibrating motors to massage the key erogenous zones simultaneously – the G-spot, as well as the clitoris. Combining the internal and external stimulation makes the duo indeed the key to achieving a blended orgasm.

With the surging finger-like massage motion of LELO™s WaveMotion technology, the INA Wave™ series is inspired by the petting play, as it pleasures you with a natural ‘come-hither motion to massage your G-spot. All the while its generous body rises and falls, the powerful clitoral stimulator creates a toe-curling climax that crashes over you.

Made out of the smoothest, most delicate silicone, INA Wave 2™ and INA 3™ are the perfect dual stimulant to secure the climax. INA WAVE 2™ with 12 powerful vibration modes and a wider range of intensities, or ten exquisite vibrating modes in INA 3™ rabbit vibrator, these two offer an exhilarating experience of exploring your own body with an ecstatic finale. The most powerful orgasm joins clitoral and G-spot satisfaction in a union that will connect you to your inner goddess. You’re in control of the power and surge you want, as much as your freaky self allows it.

Both INA Wave 2™ and INA 3™ are100% waterproof, quiet and USB-rechargeable, and promise to build on the success of the INA Wave™, making them one of the key products in the coming shopping season.

Take matters of your orgasmic pleasure into your own hands. Find the things that light your fire and enjoy them. Have fun doing it. Enjoy being you.


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