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K-Beauty skincare brand DONGINBI launches in the United States on Amazon

Red Ginseng Skincare Solution, on Amazon!

Premium Korean beauty skincare brand from Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), DONGINBI, is launching on Amazon on Monday, September 28. The brand is celebrating with a limited time discount up to 40% off the signature launch products. 

DONGINBI was created in 1899, based on internationally recognized manufacturing company Cheong Kwan Jang’s philosophy of creating Korean red ginseng for external use. The use of various red ginseng ingredients in DONGINBI skincare offers a number of powerful skin-enhancing benefits, such as increased firmness, elasticity and brightness. It’s also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe the skin, improve skin cell regeneration, and fight free-radical damage, which make DONGINBI’s formulations perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Utilizing red ginseng from Cheong Kwan Jang, DONGINBI has created the ultimate condensed formulations using advanced red ginseng technology in the form of red ginseng water, oil, and extract. The high concentration of this six-year old red ginseng root formulation combined with active ingredients is richly infused in each of DONGINBI’s six products for a complete skincare routine. The six products include a 1899 Signature Oil, a 1899 Single Essence, a Red Ginseng Mi Mask Stick Vital, Red Ginseng Moisture and Balancing Emulsion, Red Ginseng Daily Defense Essence, and a Red Ginseng Power Repair Eye Cream. The brand has plans for additional product drops following the foundational launch.  As a brand committed to becoming a world-class global corporation, DONGINBI is KGC’s next step to develop premium, luxurious skin care products.

1899 Signature Oil

An advanced lightweight, fast-absorbing, anti-aging, antioxidant oil containing six-year old red ginseng root with significant antioxidant properties and clinically proven to correct skin aging.

1899 Single Essence

A moisturizing essence utilizing the single ingredient, 100% red ginseng extract, to deliver clear, sleek, and shiny skin.

Red Ginseng Daily Defense Essence

Daily foundational serum that protects skin that is weakened by free radical damage and boosts the skin’s natural energy leaving a firm and healthy finish.

Red Ginseng Mi Mask Stick Vital

Single sheet masks infused with a natural clear skin formula to protect and restore then skin from free radical damage for healthy, clear skin.


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