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Five Treatments to Prepare Your Skin for Summer


Summer is officially here, and it’s the season of short dresses, swimsuits, open-air parties and, of course, vacations. Whether staying in town or heading to explore new destinations, there are some beauty treatments which can prepare a skin for all the adventures of summer. Dr.Numb, the leading numbing cream brand, shares its selection of top five skin treatments to get ready for a hot summer season:


To make the skin shining and fresh, it is great to use a dermarolling treatment. Go to a specialist to receive a more profound dermarolling session, which will provoke active collagen production and will give the skin younger, brighter look. Since a professional treatment uses the larger needles, make sure the aesthetician applies numbing cream on the treatment area before the procedure. In case any blood is drawn, use Dr.Numb 4% Lidocaine Disinfectant Soap to cleanse, sanitize and renew the numbing effect.


Summer is the ultimate leg and bikini season, and waxing is still the most preferred treatment to get rid of the body hair. It provides an instant solution, has no downtime and the effect lasts for 3-4 weeks. For the most sensitive areas, it may be a good idea to use a drop of numbing cream to reduce painful sensation and ensure your waxing session goes smooth.

Brow shaping

It’s great to have the eyebrows perfect in summer, and there are numerous ways to give them a sharper, more refined look: from brow wax to microblading. If you are looking for a longer- lasting effect and very precise brow shaping, microblading can be a great choice. The process involves adding thin hair- looking strokes to the eyebrows, filling them in. It is a semi- permanent make up, which means that it uses a technique similar to a body tattoo, but the pigment is not as strong, so most likely the effect will last for about a year. As brows are pretty sensitive, it is strongly advised to use a topical anesthetic during the treatment.

Tattoo eyeliner

When going on vacation, the last thing one wants to do is spend time drawing that perfect line on the eyelid, knowing it can be washed by the sea or by affected by the heat at any second. Tattoo eyeliner can come in handy for the summer

season. It is basically a tattoo which will look just like a regular make up, but it will stay on the eyelid for longer (up to a year usually). There are also different types of eyeliner, from the most thin and subtle one (basically just making the eyelash line more visible) up to a bolder, more make-up looking one. In both cases, as eyes are a very sensitive area, make sure to use topical numbing cream to prep the skin for the treatment.

Lip blushing

Another semi-permanent make-up option, well suitable for the summer season to add a bit of color to the lips even with the most natural looks. The lips are the most sensitive, although it is not recommended to apply any injectable anesthetic, because it can alter the shape of the lips and the final result, too. In this case, topical anesthetic like Dr.Numb 5% lidocaine cream is the best option. The formula is strong enough to prevent any painful experiences during this sensitive treatment. It is also enriched with Vitamin E which will keep the lips well hydrated.


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