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This Waste-Free Hair Care Is The Smart Solution and it’s Made in Canada


Bottle None is a growing sustainable beauty brand created by two sisters whose nourishing and easy-to-use natural bar shampoos and conditioners are plastic packaging free.

“Traditional shampoos and conditioners are 80+% water, which requires a bottle and all sorts of added thickeners and preservatives,” said Bottle None co-founder Jaye Siegmueller. “When you nix the water you get more for your money, fewer chemicals, and less packaging guilt.”

Each of their luscious bars has no extra water to weigh down their formula, and no unnecessary plastic bottles to weigh down the world. From travel to your own home shower experience, Bottle None will have your ditching traditional heavy plastic bottles for good!

Bottle None Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Highlights:

PH Balanced
Salon Grade
Lasts for 50+ washes
Each bar replaces 2-3 bottles of shampoo
Formulated with natural extracts and oils
No harsh surfactants, sulphates, artificial fragrance, phthalates,
formaldehyde, and more

Convenient Travel Case and Soap Dish makes it easy to take on the road

Available in 5 lines to match your hair type:

be YOU – For all hair types
be STRONG – For fine or damaged hair
be BOLD  – For thick or coarse hair
be CLEAR – For deep cleaning or oily scalps
be BRIGHT – For blond, red, or grey hair

Bottle None is available online at www.bottlenone.com as well as at refill stores, hair salons, boutiques, health food stores, and more across Canada and now in the US. Free shipping worldwide!


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