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Meet Dermal Therapy: The Clinically Proven Skin Solution


Dermal therapy harnesses the power of urea, which is an essential component of skin’s natural moisturizing system. Each moisturizer contains varying concentrations of urea and other science-backed ingredients such as silk amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids. These unique formulations draw moisture into the deepest layers of skin to heal dry, scaly skin caused by skin conditions, the environment, and aging.   

Dermal Therapy is so much more than a line of skincare products. Each treatment is tailored to hydrate and repair specific areas of the body, and provide relief from mild to extreme symptoms. Dermal Therapy is family owned and operated, made in Canada, and never tested on animals.

Dermal Therapy, Heel Care Cream- $13.00 CAD

This moisturizer features Dermal Therapy’s highest concentration of urea to deeply moisturize callused and severely dry heels and feet. This intensive cream is Dermal Therapy’s most popular product and is available at every major retailer in Canada. 

Dermal Therapy, Extra Strength Body Lotion- $15.00 CAD

Drench your skin in hydration with Dermal Therapy’s Extra Strength Body Lotion. This nourishing body lotion is versatile enough to be used on your entire body as often as needed. 

Dermal Therapy, Hand, Elbow, & Knee Cream- $13.00 CAD

Our hands, elbows, and knees often bear the brunt of many physical activities, and tend to become dry and rough. Dermal Therapy’s clinically proven formula goes beyond the skin’s surface to heal and replenish even your driest areas. 

Dermal Therapy, Alpha Hydroxy Lotion- $28.00 CAD

The Alpha Hydroxy Acids in this perfectly balanced lotion effectively exfoliate old, dry skin away, while urea attracts and locks in moisture. 


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