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Omy Laboratoires: Sustainable Beauty for Earth Day


Omy is a female-led cosmetics company established in 2018, with a strong commitment to eco-responsibility. Omy strives to make its packaging eco-friendly by using bio-based, recyclable plastic or recycled material by the end of 2023. Moreover, they are committed to using eco-responsible packaging, including bioplastics that will be recyclable and compostable by 2023.

Omy has also adopted a zero-waste approach to its laboratory. The protective and cleaning materials used in production are then reused as part of the Green Cycle program, and more than half of their products are produced using a cold production method which saves 8x the energy consumed by traditional methods. Omy also has implemented an on-site composting program. All of these measures ensure that the cosmetic company is doing their part in keeping our planet clean and green. Omy’s efforts don’t stop there, they are committed to having 100% carbon-neutral deliveries of all of their products.


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