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The benefits of vitamin C in summer!

vitamin C in summer

Did you know that you can improve the effectiveness of your sunscreen by applying a vitamin C serum beforehand?

Research has shown that using pure L-ascorbic acid such as vitamin C under sunscreen will help fight more free radicals caused by the sun. Adding a vitamin C serum to your routine would lead to a greater slowdown in the aging process of the skin.

This summer, protect your skin with 10% Vitamin C Serum from Laboratoire Dr Renaud!

Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s 10% Vitamin C Serum with M2PE neutralizes the sources of UV-induced damage in all skin layers. Made with L-ascorbic acid USP 10%, this serum corrects existing premature damage by stimulating the synthesis of fibers and proteins essential for youthful skin. Daily use of Vitamin C Serum from Laboratoire Dr Renaud will bring radiance to the skin and unify the complexion.

For optimal results, the serum must be combined with a product with SPF 30.

PRICE :  $118.00

Product available on ldrenaud.com

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