Home BEAUTY Yes! Blonde Hair Needs Extra Care…With GK Hair Miami Bombshell Range

Yes! Blonde Hair Needs Extra Care…With GK Hair Miami Bombshell Range

Yes! Blonde Hair Needs Extra Care…With GK Hair Miami Bombshell Range

Petition to change one of Instagram’s most popular hashtags #BlondeHairDontCare to #BlondeHairNeedsCare. A blonde mane, as gorgeous as it looks, demands a higher amount of care and maintenance than any other hair type. As if the process of pre-lighting, bleaching, coloring, and toning isn’t enough; as soon as the toner starts to wear off, unwanted orange, brassy tones start to settle in and you have to find a way to counter those as well. So, if you’re not a fan of a regular upkeep, blonde hair isn’t really your thing, until now.

Enter GK Hair Miami Bombshell Range, a product line specifically formulated to care for blonde hair needs. A huge range containing everything from shampoo to keratin taming treatments, these revolutionary products help prevent hair damage caused by bleaching and coloring, and keep the hair aptly nourished. A pigmented base instantly neutralizes brassy undertones and keeps the hair bright and blonde. Let’s have a quick look at their blonde hair care arsenal: 

Miami Bombshell Treatment 
Tame your damaged, frizzy hair instantly with Miami Bombshell Treatment, a Juvexin-infused formula to repair, nourish, and smoothen unruly hair for up to 5 months.

Silver Bombshell Shampoo 
Kick brassiness to the curb with Silver Bombshell Shampoo, a multi-tasking cleansing aid that washes away dirt and buildup as well as tones the hair.

Leave-In Bombshell Cream 
Stay well away from frizz, hair tangles and brassiness with Leave-In Bombshell Cream. Just apply into hair post-shower and enjoy a 24/7 nourishment boost.

Color Bombshell Masques 
Ultra Blonde Bombshell is our most intense toning and deep conditioning mask that works in just 3-11 minutes removing unwanted brassy tones, lasting for 8-10 washes.

Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder 
Get up to 8+ levels of lift with Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder, a keratin-infused formula for a super-vibrant color lift.

Hot Bombshell Masque
This deep conditioning formula repairs your color-treated hair from within and adds long-lasting nourishment and vibrance to it by toning.

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