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Quebec’s best-kept vacation secret is out – Lac-Beauport and its stunning Airbnbs


Canadians looking for a unique winter getaway need to look no further than the hidden gem destination of Lac-Beauport, Quebec. Home to some of Canada’s most remarkably designed Airbnbs, this may be the perfect escape for winter and spring off-the-grid travel.  

Nestled just north of Quebec City, the charming Lac-Beauport, Quebec has stayed under the radar, serving as a secret weekend destination for Quebec City residents. The region offers something for those who consider themselves an outdoor enthusiast, but also those looking to appreciate modern design. Picture a unique combination of gorgeous natural landscapes – lakes, mountains, lush woodlands – and architecturally-forward Airbnb stays that are a cross between ‘classic ski resort’ and ‘modern Scandinavian home’.  

It’s not entirely surprising that the secret is finally out. From treehouse-style stays to wooden A-frame homes, here’s a look at some of the most awe-inspiring stays in the region – and all available for booking this winter.

Le Topaz  

Described as an ‘upscale micro-house nestled atop the mountain,’ this breathtaking minimalist home pops against its natural surroundings and includes views of the lake and mountains. While it may be chilly outside, enjoy heated floors throughout the home and outdoor facilities such as the spa, barbecue, and gas fireplace.  

La Cabin  

This wooden A-frame is one of the more unique stays in the region. Sitting atop Mont-Tourbillon, the hosts have oriented the cabin and the terrace area for visitors to enjoy the sunset to the fullest.  

Le Quartz  

On a snowy day, you could miss this minimalist-style micro chalet. Like the mineral that makes up the characteristic rocky outcrops of the region, Le Quartz clings to the mountainside, revealing a breathtaking panorama.  

Le Lagöm – Miradors – Le Maelström  

This stunning home sits inconspicuously within the forest of Lac-Beauport. Featured in Elle Canada and Interior Design Magazine for its gorgeous design, you’ll feel whisked away to a winter wonderland during your stay, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows illuminating the space with sunlight and moonlight.  


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