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5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Pajamas Daily


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep every day, it can be difficult to achieve the correct conditions. This is due to a range of factors, including wearing the right pajamas. Make sure you purchase some high-quality Eberjey washable silk pajamas in order to promote good sleep and practice sleep hygiene. 

Wearing pajamas to bed can help with temperature regulation during the night. This is especially true when softer fabrics are worn. Many of us are guilty of wearing our pajamas several days in a row before washing them. However, here are some issues that can arise if you do not change your pajamas on a daily basis. 


Firstly, wearing the same set of pajamas for multiple days consecutively increases the risk of pimples on the face and skin. Bacteria and dead skin cells build up in the fabric of your pajamas. This can make the skin more susceptible to pimples and cysts that are irritating and easy to prevent. 

By changing your pajamas on a daily basis, you are significantly reducing the chances of developing skin irritations and pimples. Protect your skin by changing your pajamas daily and purchasing some high-quality pajamas made out of a material that is good for your skin. 

It is the largest organ in the human body, but it is commonly overlooked. Taking care of your skin includes changing your pajamas daily, and it should not be skipped. 

Staph Infection

Small amounts of staph bacteria are present on most people’s skin. Although this does not normally have severe consequences, it can become harmful when these bacteria are given the right conditions in which to build up. On the skin, this can happen when we wear the same pajamas for several days to a week straight without changing or washing them. 

Cuts, ingrown hairs, and any breaks in the skin allow staph bacteria to enter the body. In turn, this can turn into a severe infection if it is untreated. A simple yet highly effective preventative measure for a staph infection and bacteria growth is to change your pajamas every day. This will prevent these bacteria from collecting and becoming a problem. 


Another reason why you should begin to change your pajamas each day if you are not already doing so is to prevent an unpleasant odor. Showering consistently isn’t always enough when it comes to eliminating odors. 

This is because pajamas can absorb sweat during the night, which leads to an odor if they are not changed daily. Getting into dirty pajamas after showering has been known to undo all of the work that you put into getting your body clean. The odor typically comes from bacteria that thrive in dark, moist areas. 

Dust Mites

For the same reason that we should regularly change our bed linen, we should wash and change our pajamas every day to prevent dust mites. These microscopic creatures are drawn toward any area with plenty of dead skin cells. Your bed is likely to be more popular with these creatures because the human skin naturally sheds a little more during the night. 

Similarly, dust mites are likely to be drawn toward dirty pajamas. This is because of the concentration of dead skin cells which are present on these. It is important to avoid attracting dust mites so that you do not develop respiratory problems and have trouble sleeping at night. 

Keep your pajamas clean in order to avoid this. While we cannot completely eliminate dust mites due to their size, there are some simple steps you can take in order to prevent them from causing any issues to your health. 

Sleepless Nights

For some people who have slightly more sensitive skin or active imaginations at night, wearing dirty pajamas to bed can contribute to a sleepless night. This is due to the general unclean feeling, itchiness, or general oily feeling of the pajamas. Consider changing your pajamas each day so that you can drift off much easier and feel cozy in bed each night. 

Another limitation of wearing dirty pajamas to bed is that some people will be kept up at night thinking about dust mites and other things that cannot be seen. Avoid these by keeping your pajamas clean. 


Changing your pajamas daily should be included in your sleep routine. This is because it can help you get a sound night’s sleep without interruption, protect your skin from built-up bacteria and prevent the development of pimples and other irritations. 


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