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NICHE Experiences Canada’s First Ladurée in Vancouver


Walking through the mint green doors into Canada’s first Ladurée store in Vancouver was a unique and elegant experience. Myself, alongside our E.I.C. Tracey Drake joined the Hawksworth Communications team to taste the world renown Ladurée exclusive teas and infamous macarons. Walking into the boutique the first thing that hits you is how chic and lovely the décor is which plays off the delectable pastel macaron boxes and sweets on display. The ambiance is set with music that is exclusive to Ladurée and plays on loop throughout all locations bringing a Parisian feel to the Vancouver location.

One thing we quickly noticed was consistency. After sitting down with owner, Olesya Krakhmalyova she informed us that the macarons are all made overseas in Paris in the Ladurée “laboratory” and shipped to their location. We sat inside the seating area at the back of the store. The Parisian style tearoom was decorated with gold flake detailing on the walls, furniture shipped in from their head office in France and Parisian inspired wall paper.

Krakhmalyova informed us that after her first bite into a macaron from Ladurée while travelling in Monaco it has been her mission over the past five years to open their first location within Canada, specifically in Vancouver.

You can truly feel the Parisian history while enjoying your tea and macarons in Ladurée. Dating back to their launch in 1862, Louis Ernest Ladurée a miller from the southwest of France, founded a bakery in Paris and saw the opportunity to transform it info a pastry shop. The décor and style of Ladurée stores is credited to Jules Cheret, a famous turn-of-the-century painter and poster artist that was entrusted to the decoration of the first shop.

Our favourite macaron was the Orange Blossom and Salted Carmel alongside their delicious French toast – brioche bread, jam drizzle and Chantilly cream infused with rose and raspberries.

Ladurée is such a wonderful addition to the downtown core of Vancouver. As a place to grab tea and a macaron on the go or sit down for the Parisian team room experience with your girlfriends – we highly recommend experiencing the magic of Ladurée.


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