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NICHE Experience – Zooming in with Philips ZOOM QuickPro

at BC Perio Dental Centre


Let me start this off on a transparent note: I have naturally white teeth. I attribute this to having accumulated good karma over past lives, but everyone tells me it’s genetics. Given my love for coffee and red wine, I’ve always assumed that I’d have to spruce up my smile with a brightening treatment sooner rather than later. With multiple options at my disposal (Night trays? Lasers? Pens?), my quest to find the perfect procedure seemed overwhelming and costly.

My biggest concern has always been heightened sensitivity after a treatment of this nature, but I was completely put at ease by the team at BC Perio Dental Centre in Vancouver. Almost every staff member has done a QuickPro treatment, and my hygienist assured me that I would love to watch the procedure (and handed me a mirror to do so).

Once I settled into the most futuristic dentist chair I’d ever seen, Vitamin E oil was brushed over my lips. After a quick cheek retractor selfie, I was ready to go. My hygienist expertly applied a liquid dam to my gums to protect them from the whitening varnish, both of which were hardened by a blue light. A sealer was placed over the varnish, and then the liquid protection dam was removed.

The treatment took about 15 minutes from start to finish and was completely painless. My only instructions were to leave the varnish on for 30-40 minutes, and I was free to go.

I brushed my teeth with a bit of water to loosen the varnish and was very pleased with the shade of white they had reached in such a short amount of time. Although the results are not drastic, there is certainly a noticeable change. I’m happy to report that since my QuickPro treatment four days ago, I have not experienced ANY sensitivity. It’s a convenient, affordable solution that lasts from 6 months to a year, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a non-invasive way to brighten their smile.


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