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Off to the races…with Jaycow Millinery in the lead!

Location: Woodbine Racetrack, photos provided by Everyone Is An Artist

On August 22, 2021, the Woodbine Racetrack will host the 162nd annual Queen’s Plate, the oldest thoroughbred horse race in Canada. This will be the first time since 2019, that the event will be in person and spectator will be allowed in the stands.  A favourite outing for both gamblers and equine enthusiasts, the excitement and fanfare surrounding the million-dollar purse also attracts swanky dressers. The fashionable come from far and wide, donning their finest suits and dresses in celebration of this cherished sporting tradition. However, what truly makes or breaks a race day outfit is a distinctive, avant-garde hat.  

For race day-inspired chic that looks trendy both in the stands and on the streets, Jaycow Millinery has you covered. Globally recognized milliner and fashion icon Jay Cheng has set up shop in Toronto, Ontario. The Queen’s Plate is the perfect balancing of old-world charm with a modern touch. Cheng crafts bespoke headpieces to amplify each wearer’s unique beauty. Acting as much more than a statement to an outfit, pieces designed by Jaycow Millinery empower women to embrace their confidence and share it with the world.  

The modern gentleman would also be amiss if his wardrobe did not include a signature hat from Jaycow Millinery. Cheng’s genius has led to her re-inventing the centuries-old hat block style, creating her Block Common collection. The diversity of styles in the current Block Common line allows wearers to feel confident and stand out from the crowd. The signature Ma hat is handmade with materials such as toyo for the summer and felt for the winters making it ready for every season. Available in bold colours and guaranteed to turn a few heads as you strut down the street, this hat has it all.  

While some may come to the Queen’s Plate to watch the race, many others attend to bask in the timeless, classic aesthetic that defines the fashion of the event. The Queen’s Plate traditions of fashion, live music, and gourmet food and drinks, all centred around the very best horse racing in the country. Jaycow Millinery is your first and last stop when trying to find that marvelous hat to complete your outfit. When you wear a Jaycow hat, you know you are wearing the best. 

Tickets went on sale about a week ago, so book them now along with an appointment at Jaycow Millinery.  


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