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Celebrate National Tequila Day with these distinctive cocktails

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For this year’s festivities, the tequila cocktail game has been catapulted to a whole new level. Grand Marnier has teamed up with Robin Goodfellow, one of Toronto’s top mixologists, as well as local bartenders from major Canadian cities, to create uniquetequila cocktails that will be must-tries for any National Tequila Day celebration.   

Platinum Margarita (Blended – 4 Servings) 

  • Tasting notes: Tart, agave, floral, rich  
  • Description: Bringing back blended drinks, this easy-to-make Margarita variation will impress friends and family when you serve up a drink that looks and tastes like a cocktail-bar-quality offering. Who wouldn’t want a frothy purple Margarita?  
  • Ingredients: 90ml Grand Marnier, 240ml Malva Flower Tequila, 120ml fresh lime juice, 40g sugar, 60ml liquid egg white, 12 ice cubes  
  • What to do: Mix, then garnish with Malva petals and pink salt rim.  

Classic Grand Margarita (1 Serving) 

  • Tasting notes: Tart, agave, orange, light 
  • Description: This crowd-pleasing cocktail needs no introduction and can be served straight up or on the rocks. 
  • Ingredients: 30ml Grand Marnier, 45ml Espolon Blanco, 23ml fresh lime juice, 15ml agave syrup 
  • What to do: Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass with a lime wedge and Maldon Salt Rim. 

Bodega Margarita (1 Serving) 

  • Tasting notes: Tart, herbal, orange, light  
  • Description: A classic Margarita at heart with a naturopathic element added from the marshmallow root. An herbal and immune-boosting Margarita.  
  • Ingredients: 30ml Grand Marnier, 30ml Espolon Blanco, 15ml marshmallow root tincture, 23ml fresh lime juice, 15ml rich syrup  
  • What to do: Mix, then garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel and salt rim.  
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