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Spring is my favourite time of year. It represents a time of rebirth when, once again, the world comes alive. Flowers and trees blossom, the days warm up and I always feel much more energetic. As much as I love fall and winter fashion, it’s also refreshing to finally shed the extra bulky layers of clothing and show a little skin, but as we do so, it’s also time to pay attention to the effects of winter on our birthday suits. The truth is that when springtime comes, everyone, including Mother Nature, is out to look their best.

So, it’s time to wake up our dull winter skin. The months spent braving our winter elements outside, sitting too close to artificial heat inside, snuggling by open fires and enjoying lazy evenings of red wine and good company were amazing, but our skin does pay the price! It becomes lifeless and flaky, dingy and dull — yikes! So, what do we do about it?

Well, here is an MZ insider tip. Let me introduce all of you to the Vancouver based go-to “Skin Girl,” and my personal and highly qualified Skincare Specialist, Lisa Marie Blaire. My skin and I have been committed to Lisa for over a year now and there is no doubt I can see the difference. According to Lisa, one of the most important things we can do to rejuvenate our winter-worn skin is to EXFOLIATE and REPLENISH. I like to look at it like refinishing a wooden table, just without the sandpaper. My customized skincare plan includes a monthly diamond- tip microdermabrasion and an oxygen facial. I’m a huge proponent of what I like to call my “miracle workers” — Retinol and Vitamin C serum, both of which I have used for 15 years and counting. I find it is really important to try and stick to a routine, whether it be with your facialist or using at-home products. Just remember to be consistent and you will see results.

Spring is also a great time to detox the body as well. Lisa and her team, which includes Dr. Jonas LaForge, a homeopathic doctor, stress the importance of hormonal balance and whole body rejuvenation, not just outer appearance. They have also taught me the importance of allergy testing and diet. Remember, glowing from the inside out is the most important!

Happy Spring everyone — go out and show some skin!

By Mary Zilba inside the Spring 2014 issue of NICHE


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