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Introducing Cool to Connect

Make stronger connections in 2021

new cool card game

Feeling a little disconnected lately? You’re not alone. Cool to Connect can help bridge the gap between the feeling of loneliness and disconnect throughout this pandemic and beyond.

Now more than ever people are longing to build and maintain deep, meaningful relationships – the sole (and soul) purpose of these cards is to give people a sense of togetherness no matter how far apart they are from one another.

Created in 2020 by Dana Clark and powered by Heroic Humans, the Cool to Connect deck comes with 52 cards and prompts conversations and connections through Zoom and FaceTime hangouts and even in person while staying socially distanced.

Cool to Connect is also great for:

  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Getting in tune with your emotions
  • Learning to be a better listener
  • Discovering more about yourself

You can find Cool to Connect here


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