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I call it kismet…


TOCThe second issue of NICHE magazine- our Spring (March/April 2013) edition – has gone off to the printers. The first issue was really great. This second issue is sublime in every single way. The editorial is interesting, entertaining, even riveting at times. The visual presentation is awe-inspiring. From high fashion editorials and exclusive local photo shoots, to street shots in urban India and local culinary photography, the spring issue of NICHE magazine is a feast for all the senses.

When naysayers said that we couldn’t launch a high fashion and edgy lifestyle magazine in Victoria, I said ‘watch me.’ It wasn’t a statement made from arrogance, nor was it pie-in-the-sky naivety. It was the understanding of watching this city evolve into a thriving urban centre. Uptown is a perfect example. Its mere presence, and the brands it has attracted, is a strong sign of the fashion forward attitude in Victoria. Have a look at the increasing number of salons that are succeeding and more importantly expanding, the progressive buying trends of boutiques downtown, and the high-end barber shops that are popping up. Those are strong signs. I also consider the way that BC has embraced NICHE magazine to be a big sign, and I take comfort in knowing we are on the right track.

Call it whatever you want – I call it kismet. It was meant to be.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Here are a few teaser snippets from Issue 2… magazines available in your favourite shop on March 10th. Click to check for a member of NICHE Retail Therapy that is close to your home.




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