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BYOMA Barrier-Building Skincare

Driven By Science, Powered By Actives For The Ultimate Skin Compatible Solution


When we STOP stripping our skin and START building our barrier, we find the key to balanced, brighter skin.

Byoma is here to disrupt the status quo of over-treated, over-exfoliated skin, combining barrier care with derm approved, clinically proven skin science to boost, build, balance + brighten.

Their clinically proven, dermatologist- approved formulas; each infused with 3 essential lipids of the skin barrier (proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex™) plus handpicked active ingredients, boost, build, balance, brighten for your best skin day, every day.

BYOMA’S pledge to the planet: REUSE, REFILL & RECYCLE

  • Made from fully recyclable, 100% mono-material plastic (The mono-material packaging means responsibly disposing of BYOMA in curbside recycling is easy!)
  • BYOMA eliminated excess like shrink wrap & cardboard boxes.
  • The square shape bottles mean they ship easily & efficiently, minimizing their carbon footprint.
  • The only elements of the pack which are not fully recyclable in household waste (droppers, mists & pumps) are designed to be reused again and again.
  • Partnered with One Tree Planted ahead of launch to help effectively offset their carbon emissions by Planting Trees for a cleaner, greener planet

A seven-piece collection containing:

  • Creamy Jelly Cleanser            $15.99
  • Moisturizing Gel Cream          $18.99
  • Moisturizing Rich Cream         $19.99
  • Brightening Serum                  $20.99
  • Hydrating Serum                     $20.99
  • Clarifying Serum                      $20.99
  • Balancing Face Mist                $18.99

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart


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