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Reducing Summer Hair Frizz with Dark Oil

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil

With the hot summer weather at our door, people are looking for ways to avoid the frizz. By using moisturizing products, one can tame frizzy hair.

Reduce summertime hair frizz with Sebastian Professional’s Dark Oil, a line consisting of care and styling products infused with a special blend of oils for lightweight texture and shine!

Dark Oil Shampoo

Lock in moisture with this lightweight shampoo while providing your hair radiant shine.

Dark Oil Conditioner

Smooth and detangle your hair with this lightweight conditioner.

Dark Oil Fragrant Mist

Apply this mist on your hair for a quick touch-up, revealing shine and a mesmerising scent.

Dark Oil Mask

For a silky hair feel, distribute this mask through your hair, leave it on for 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Dark Oil

Replenish your hair from the inside-out to smooth the cuticle and add body. Protects against UV damage.


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