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Lancôme partners with the NMNH (France) to preserve endangered plant species.

View of the Grand Gallery of Evolution seen from the Garden of Plants
View of the Grand Gallery of Evolution seen from the Garden of Plants © MNHN - F.-G. Grandin

Lancôme partners with the National Museum of Natural History (France) with the aim of preserving endangered plant species, as part of its global sustainability program Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow. Lancôme is committed to contribute to protecting biodiversity for generations to come and will support the Museum in a conservation project that aims at the conservation of plant biodiversity.

« We are proud to participate in the conservation of endangered plant species like the Rose of France (Rosa gallica), as part of a global partnership with the National Museum of Natural History, whose international influence is recognized. The Museum is a leading organization when it comes to research and expertise in the field of biodiversity protection and we are proud to take part in this important mission which meets France’s commitments for the Convention on Biological Diversity. Protecting biodiversity is major component of Lancôme’s sustainability program.The brand is already spearheading this mission in Grasse and Valensole, in the South of France, where we are growing roses and other plant species in an organic and sustainable way across 25 acres of land » – Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme Global Brand President.

The conservation of endangered plant species project, which is supported by the Museum and implemented by the National Botanical Conservatory of the Paris Basin (hereafter CBNBP), consists in the reintroduction of endangered plant species, supported by prior expeditions of seed collections and seed banking of endangered species within the geographical remits of the CBNBP (Center-Loire Valley, Ile-de-France, regions of Burgundy and ex-Champagne-Ardenne). This project enables to reinforce or reintroduce the plant species into the natural environment, thanks to seeds collected and placed in seedbanks, to the multiplication of plants in experimental gardens, as well as manage and restore habitats that welcome them. The objective, which is part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation’s objective 8, will help compensate eventual collapses or disappearances of populations, and intervene in the natural environment by reinforcing or reintroducing populations.

Endangered plant species Lancôme will help preserve include the Rose of France (Rosa gallica). As a brand whose emblem is the rose since its creation over 85 years ago, it was only natural to contribute to protecting this precious and subtle flower of a unique variety and exceptional scent. In addition to the Rose of France, a wealth of other species of plant are included in this conservation project, such as: Arnica montana, campanula cervicaria, inula hirta, ranunculus hederaceus or viscaria vulgaris.  Thanks to the program, we will collect an average of fifteen species per year in each territory, meaning 45 species over the entire 3-year program for each region, and 180 seed lots in total.

This partnership with the national Museum of natural History is a fundamental component of Lancôme’s sustainability program Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow, launched one month ago, on March 22nd 2021, through which the brand is accelerating its global transformation in matters of sustainability and social inclusion.


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