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Why Mexico is a Hot Destination for Canadian Snowbirds: Maya Luxe’s Founder on Winter Travel Trends

Image by Dee Relyea

According to a CIBC poll, 24% of Canadian snowbirds are off to Mexico, Central America, or South America to flee the harsh winters. What makes Mexico such an enticing location for winter travel, especially when compared to the United States?

Steph Farr, founder and CEO of Maya Luxe: the travel industry’s top luxury villa rental company, located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Born and raised in Montreal, Farr moved to Riviera Maya at 21 as an exchange student, falling in love with the region and country.

A proud female entrepreneur, Farr founded Maya Luxe in 2009 with just a single villa, following her passions for custom experiential vacations, frictionless property management, and regional sustainability. Since then, she has fueled the company’s growth to more than 300 villas in 2023, establishing Maya Luxe as the largest luxury villa rental company in the Riviera Maya. 

A pioneer in the industry: Farr has been in the luxury villa rental business since 2004 and was an integral part of Montreal-based Luxury Retreats, an online luxury vacations home rental program that was acquired in 2017 by Airbnb for over $300 million.

Mexico > Florida: Due to rising interest rates and cost of living, more Canadians are choosing Mexico over Florida. Farr can share insights into why, including the financial benefit of earning the Canadian Dollar and living on the Peso. 

Presale Projects & Land Opportunities: With a myriad of beautiful developments, Maya Luxe has fruitful opportunities for investors who are looking to build their dream home or get in early and nail down a vacation home for years to come.

Exciting New Hotspots on the Horizon: From the eco-conscioustropical utopias near downtown Tulum, to the stunning six-bedroom villas designed by world famous architect Manolo Mestre, the experience of a lifetime awaits travelers at every Maya Luxe villa.


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