DZHUS AW20 Video Lookbook


The MISCONCEPT collection is an irony about classic, stereotypical and ‘must-have’ clothing styles, which DZHUS has interpreted in a most unexpected way, offering radical yet wearable transformations of the garments. Reflecting on the shallow and transient nature of today’s fashion, Irina Dzhus aims to draw attention to the lowdown of the industry and comes up with styling stunts as alternative solutions against overconsumption. The designer looks literally between the lines of the trendy silhouettes, deciphering their structure and suggesting multi-purpose upgrades.

Featuring avant-garde textures and revolutionary cuts, DZHUS AW20 line is manufactured using cruelty-free materials. For warm pieces DZHUS used eco-friendly hemp insulation engineered by a Ukrainian label DevoHome.

The video lookbook shows DZHUS’ signature clothing transformations step by step, as a practical manual for customers. It encourages the wearers to experiment boldly with their variable clothing, reinventing their unique style again and again within a single garment. In the video, the designer herself modifies the model’s outfits in seconds, demonstrating how impressively adaptable the pieces are for the changing circumstances of today’s reality.

Promoting a sustainable concept of shopping minimising by choosing multi-purpose transformer clothing, DZHUS proves its viability with this mesmerising video instruction.


Direction, camera, cut: Anya Bod @anya.bod
Styling: Irina Dzhus @irina.dzhus
MUAH: Julia Vasilkovskaya @ mua.model
Models: Julia Barbakar @_julia_barbakar_ / Model Scouting Bureau
Music: Bitch Per Minute – Pi (c) 2012-2013 KrrKrrKrr
Ethical footwear: House Martin @housemartin_shoes
Styling assistant Yuliia Hrybinyk-Kotliarenko @spoonofmytaste


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